Starting with the current trends in energy costs and climate change, the topics give an overview of all the potential actions to be taken by transport companies, from analysis to planning, to keep control of their energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of their services. Best practices taken from T2K experience highlight the partners’ work and successes and how they managed to take up the challenge.

How about climate change? Will there be a shortage in energy? Can we expect energy prices and energy usage to drop or rise? Investigating the current climate and energy trends helps to understand the right approach towards decreasing energy spillage and CO2 emissions.
You can’t manage what you can’t measure. And you can’t achieve a long-term reduction in CO2 emissions without having a long-term strategy for doing so. On these pages we hand you the right tools for measuring and show you the right path for building a carbon strategy.

The Ticket to Kyoto partners have exchanged their knowledge and experiences in order to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings, infrastructures and vehicles. They invested in sustainable energy production and learned how to renovate in an eco-friendly way.

To reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions on a broad scale, we have to sensitize and mobilise as many stakeholders as possible. Creating awareness with your own staff, engaging external stakeholders, involving the public … it’s necessary to succeed.